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AQUABIO Cosmetics

The Essence of Brand

AQUABIO Cosmetics is a skincare brand that adheres to principles of eco-friendliness and organic nature for its products. Each item developed and designed is consisting from the unique combination of organic ingredients that provide a positive effect on the skin. You can be sure that you get an environment-friendly and safe solution for your beauty care when buying AQUABIO Cosmetics products. Our brand name also aims to reflect the concept. AQUA is Latin “water”, the essence of all the life on Earth, while BIO shows the origin of the cosmetics we offer. It is based on bio-active components of natural origin.

Eco Vision

AQUABIO Cosmetics provides eco vision in every detail. Even our eco cosmetics package is fully environmental-friendly. We use glass vials and wooden plugs to keep our cosmetics products in safe and stylish wrapping. Its laconic design highlights the essence of the product and its green nature.


AQUABIO Cosmetics products meets the COSMOS-standard requirements. Meaning certifying bodies inspect in detail all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products. We provided independent expertise and cruelty-free clinical trials to ensure our products are harmless, effective, and meet the strictest certification rules.

Natural Formula

We use the power of nature to create special skincare formulas for our products. The basis of each AQUABIO Cosmetics product consists of natural oils, floral extracts, active microelements and vitamins. Each formula is designed to meet your skin type needs to maintain its health and beauty.


AQUABIO Cosmetics skin care products offer you more than just a new bottle on your vanity. Get all the benefits from innovative organic cosmetics!
Product lines diversity

We design our cosmetics to fulfil the highest expectations of our clients. You can buy a custom-tailored product that fully matches your skin specifics and provides effective nutrition, moisturizing, and care for it.

Green background

We offer our clients more than just eco-friendly products. Become a part of a conscious-consumption community with AQUABIO Cosmetics. We go above and beyond to make our cosmetics environmental-friendly from A to Z.

Easy care

Choosing right cosmetics for your skin can be difficult. In AQUABIO Cosmetics, you are welcome to buy organic skincare products that will be the safest solution for your everyday beauty care routines. Feel the safety and care that we offer. Our expertise allow us to commit to it with great pleasure.

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