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What Collagen Really is…

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been browsing and scanning the ingredient list on our favorite cosmetic products and confused across many familiar ingredients, like collagen, and stopped to think – but what really is collagen? Is it even as healthy and beneficial as media sources suggest? Or is that all just a mere hype that overrates this ingredient? To answer these questions once and for all, let us dive deep into the explanation of what this ingredient is, and what exactly its uses and benefits are, particularly in cosmetic products.

In very simple and concise terms, collagen is a protein. It is a protein that can be found in many components of our body, like bones, skin, cartilage, and muscles, that acts as a binding agent, connecting everything together and keeping them firm and elastic. And with that major function in mind, we can understand that its health benefits include maintaining the elasticity of the skin, keeping joints durable and strong, maintaining organ health, and much more.

With its great abundance in the body, as it alone amounts to a significant percentage of the body’s total protein, it makes sense that it be extensively used in both the medical and the cosmetic fields. In cosmetic products, the following benefits of collagen are exploited:

  • Collagen helps skin tissues grow which makes wrinkles less obvious and fills out any recessions in the dermis. This allows the skin to appear smooth and is the exact reason as to why it is used in cosmetic skin fillers as well;
  • The connective properties of this ingredient allow the skin to maintain its elasticity and prevent the skin from losing resilience;
  • One more important benefit though not so common – it effects on improving the blood flow in the body, which causes more nutrients to reach organs like the skin, helping improve the skin’s condition;
  • Collagen helps hydrate and refresh the skin;
  • Collagen helps grow new skin cells and slows down the dying process of the existing cells, maintaining a refreshed look of the skin;
  • Collagen improves the health of your hair and prevents hair loss and hair thinning.

Cosmetic products may include not only collagen, but also hydrolyzed collagen and other nutrients that may stimulate the body to create more of its own collagen and slow down the degradation of the already existing collagen. This may be termed as the anti-aging process.

Knowing that the body naturally losses collagen in great amounts as we age, if we are stressed out, if we do not intake the right amount of necessary nutrients, if we engage in activities like smoking and drinking, if we are exposed to varied forms of pollution, and through other natural adversities, and armed with the current knowledge of the benefits and importance of collagen, we understand the extreme need for this ingredient to be incorporated into our diet and our cosmetic products.

We take that to heart and make it a priority of ours to include naturally sourced collagen in the relevant products. AQUABIO Cosmetics is an eco-friendly brand that has made it its utmost mission to offer products that are as natural, organic, healthy, and as sustainable as possible from every aspect! Every last detail, down to the low-waste packaging, has been thought of and worked on as we subscribe to the ideology of full transparency in every angle of our ingredient sourcing and product production and packaging processes.

Creams and serums are certified methods of obtaining sufficient doses of collagen. So, what better way to get your daily dose of collagen than by AQUABIO’s very own Collagen Firming Serum that is richly infused with vegetable collagen that works miraculously to lock in the moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated for longer, and most importantly levels out the wrinkles and fine lines. The collagen in the serum is perfectly designed for quick effect, and you are getting results with consistent use. Further, the deep hydrating effect gives your face a healthy and young appearance.

If you’d rather, instead, opt for a cream, then AQUABIO’s Collagen Deep Moisturizing Cream is your best bet. This cream is equally infused with vegetable collagen that gives it its great anti-aging effect. As the name implies, it effectively reaches the deeper layers of the dermis where it not only stimulates collagen production, but also slows down the process of the breakdown of the existing collagen. The ingredients are natural and include a wonderful concoction of exotic essential oils like Ecologic Jojoba Oil, Tigernut Oil, Argan Oil, and even more.

Both of these products are vegan (made using plant-based collagen) and cruelty-free, natural, partly sustained through organic farming, and made with care by a team that is passionate and dedicated to all things clean beauty related. For better effect it is recommended to use both products in your daily face care routine.

On average, we start losing collagen from our body as early as age 20. From that point onwards, the collagen in our body starts breaking down faster and external and internal factors such as our diet and being exposed to pollution cause the degradation to accelerate. Thus, it is never too early to start using cosmetic products infused with collagen, and it is never too late as collagen is extremely effective and will surely make a difference for you.

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